Tools of the Trade

List of productivity tools and utilities that I love ❤️

In no particular order.

Notion Notion Website Note-taking

I've tried many different note-taking tools over the years, but since late 2018 I'm a Notion convert. Things I like the most: cross-platform support (incl. web and mobile) with cloud synching, block-based editing with support for a wide-variety of block-types, frequent releases with new features.

iTerm2 iTerm2 Website Terminal

iTerm2 is a widely popular replacement for macOS Terminal with a large feature-set. Chances are you're already using it if you're reading this :-)

RipGrep RipGrep Website Terminal

Super-fast replacement for grep with sane defaults. Must-have.

Bat Bat Website Terminal

Bat - A modern cat clone with line syntax highlighting, line numbering and more. Highly recommend to set alias cat='bat'.

VSCode VSCode Website Code Editor

Visual Studio Code has become my go-to general purpose text editor. I use it for general text editing as well as coding. It performs very well on small to mid-sized code-bases and I find it (much) better than Sublime, BBEdit, TextWrangler or Atom. I exclusively use the beta-quality Insiders Build which is generally very stable.

Simplemind Simplemind Website Mind Mapping

Cross-platform mind-mapping tool. While I don't often use mind-mapping tools, I've tried out quite a few mindmapping tools over the years, and settled on Simplemind because it's cloud-synching and cross platform support, its rich feature-set and the fact that it's actively maintained.

Hammerspoon Hammerspoon Website mac-only

Automation framework that allows users to write Lua scripts to interact with macOS APIs. You can find a few of my hammerspoon scripts on github.

fzf fzf Website Terminal

General purpose command-line fuzzy finder. I used it primarily as much better replacement for bash's default history search feature (i.e. CTRL+R).

diff-so-fancy diff-so-fancy Website Terminal

Much improved diff tool. Especially useful in combination with git.

jq jq Website Terminal

From the jq website: "jq is like sed for JSON data - you can use it to slice and filter and map and transform structured data with the same ease that sed, awk, grep and friends let you play with text."

I use jq all the time when working with REST data. Especially powerful in combination with curl.

CopyClip CopyClip Website mac-only

Clipboard manager for mac. Does the job, nothing fancy. I'm currently in the early stages of writing my own clipboard manager for macOS geared towards developers, since most other clipboard managers I've tried haven't fully met what I'm looking for.

Lastpass Lastpass Website Password manager

Cross-platform password manager with large feature-set. I was a fairly early adopter, and after using it for about 10 years on a daily basis, I'm still a very happy user.

Datagrip Datagrip Website Database IDE

Database IDE that can connect to many different database backends.

Magnet Magnet Website mac-only

Utility app that allows you to snap windows into organized tiles - similar to how window snapping works on Windows. Useful to put screens next to each-other.

Bartender Bartender Website mac-only

Menu tray icon organizer - very useful to de-clutter your tray menu.

Dato Dato Website mac-only

Better menu bar clock with calendar and time zones.

Mosh Mosh Website Terminal

Drop-in replacement for SSH that deals with intermittent server connectivity. Gone are the annoying typing delays when SSHing to a server over WAN or a spotty internet connection.

Caffeine Caffeine Website Terminal

Tiny program that helps you to prevent your Mac from automatically going to sleep or starting a screensaver.

Skitch Skitch Website mac-only

Screenshot capture and annotation tool - use it every day. Currently evaluating Annotate as a replacement since Skitch's future is unclear.

Tab Wrangler Tab Wrangler Website Chrome extension

Automatically closes inactive tabs and makes it easy to get them back. Life-saver to keep your browser window somewhat clean (and computer fast!).

Omnigraffle Omnigraffle Website Diagramming

Powerful vector-based diagramming tool.

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