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My Smart Sauna

Using ESPHome and Home Assistant

Home Automation Making

The Reasons I Write

A reflection on why I blog

Personal Development

Top Media Picks 2021

Books, movies, series, YouTube, games, podcasts

Media Books

On Workshops and Tools

Things I've learned so far


Notes On Cooking

Simple things that make a difference

Food Productivity

Why We Sleep 🌜

Book Key Takeaways

Books Health

Fail Fast they say

Sure, but it's not that easy

Leadership Personal Development

My first steps in 3D printing

Some thoughts and pointers for beginners

3D Printing Making

📋 Yearly Life Reviews

Stepping back, cleaning up, making changes


Maintaining Gitlint

My experience maintaining a small open source project

DevOps Software Engineering

The Art of Releasing Software

Thoughts on Release Engineering and Management

DevOps Software Engineering

Window Opener Project

Opening a window using a custom PCB, 3D printing and home-automation

Home Automation Making 3D Printing

Useful DevOps Resources

Recommendations for IT Infrastructure professionals


Optimizing my pocket space

Things I carry around on a daily basis


8 Practical Career Tips

No vague advice, just hands-on recommendations

Leadership Personal Development

Working From Home

My experience being full-time remote in a global team


Software Engineering Capability Taxonomy

Building blocks for software engineering organizations

DevOps Software Engineering

My digital brain 🧠

How note-taking makes me (much) smarter


Going Paperless

How I keep my life free of physical paper


Top Media Picks

Recommended websites, podcast, video and more

Media Books

Tools of the Trade

Software I love ❤️

Productivity Software Engineering

13 Things I Believe

My short list of guiding principles when leading teams


What I'm reading

Updated frequently