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13 Things I Believe Leadership Team Building

My short list of guiding principles when leading teams

Tools of the Trade Productivity

List of productivity tools and utilities I love ❤️

Top Media Picks Internet Media

Recommended websites, podcast, video and more

Going Paperless Productivity

How I keep my life free of physical paper

My digital brain 🧠 Productivity

How note-taking makes me (much) smarter

Software Engineering Capability Taxonomy DevOps Software Engineering

Building blocks for software engineering organizations

Working From Home Remote Work Productivity

My experience being full-time remote in a global team

My Favorite Home Automations Home Automation

Convenient, time-saving and kinda cool

8 Practical Career Tips Leadership

No vague advice, just hands-on recommendations

Optimizing my pocket space Productivity

Things I carry around on a daily basis

Useful DevOps Resources DevOps

Recommendations for IT Infrastructure professionals

Window Opener Project Home Automation Making 3D Printing Electronics

Opening a window using a custom PCB, 3D printing and home-automation

The Art of Releasing Software DevOps Software Engineering

Thoughts on Release Engineering and Management

Maintaining Gitlint Open Source DevOps

My experience maintaining a small open source project

📋 Yearly Life Reviews Productivity

Stepping back, cleaning up, making changes

2020 Project Highlights 🌟

A year in review

My first steps in 3D printing 3D Printing Making

Some thoughts and pointers for beginners

What I'm reading

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