Optimizing my pocket space
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Things I carry around on a daily basis

  • Apple Airpods: I was an early adopter when these came out in late 2016 and immediately loved them. The range and reception is impeccable, the battery life more than decent and the lack of wires feels liberating, especially when working out. If you haven’t tried wireless earbuds, you really should - they’re game-changing. The Airpods (pro) are arguably the best-in-class.
  • Orbitkey Key Organiser: I cut back on the amount of keys I carry to 2, with car keys being separate. I use this slim key organiser to keep them together.
  • Secrid Wallet: Compact wallet that can hold 5 cards in a protective aluminium sleeve which provides protection from physical damage and unwanted RFID sniffing. The wallet can also hold a few extra unprotected cards and 2 or 3 bills in the leather wrapping. I usually only carry a single emergency 50 EUR bill, since I do almost all payments by card or Apple Pay. I don’t carry coins around (we have a coin jar for that at home). Besides some multi-factor authentication backup codes, I also carry a small card with emergency information (name, blood group, contacts).
Secrid wallet
Enlarge Secrid wallet
Orbitkey key organizer
Enlarge Orbitkey key organizer
  • Apple Watch: Time-keeping, basic continuous activity and hearth-rate monitoring. Love it for working out. I mute most notifications to minimize constant distraction.
  • iPhone: Here’s 3 random apps not everyone already knows about.
Light-brown gradient sunglasses - try it!
Enlarge Light-brown gradient sunglasses - try it!
  • Sunglasses: For a long time, sunglasses was something I couldn’t spend money on. Now I have 2 Ray-Ban pairs (car pair and everything-else pair), and love wearing them. Obviously, design of sunglasses is very personal taste but one thing I can generally recommend is the (light) brown gradient glasses. The way those block sunlight is very eye-pleasing, they don’t dull out colors but instead more deeply saturate them. I didn’t know this was a thing before I had tried them, I recommend trying it out!
  • Handkerchief: Never leave the house without one. Important life lesson, thanks dad!

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