Hi! It's me, Joris.

It looks like I've linked you here myself. Linking people to a blogpost I wrote is often a bit akward, especially at work.

I likely shared this blog in an attempt to further a conversation. Usually the post does a better job at succinctly sharing information than I could by talking.

In any case, I hope me sharing this post doesn't come across as humblebragging, that's really the opposite of what I'm trying to achieve.

Thanks for reading!

Top Media Picks

Recommended websites, podcast, video and more

People sometimes ask me about media I consume (and I often recommend without being asked 🙃). This page contains some of the things I recommend most (updated every few months or so). In all categories, I’ve really tried to hand-pick items and not make it just a dump of everything I consume.



I don’t read a whole lot of books (like most of us, I wish I’d read more), but here are some that I recommend.


I routinely listen to podcasts while commuting (car, train, walk, bike) or working around the house. Here’s a few of my top recommendations.

  • Hello Internet: CGP Grey & Brady Haran talking about YouTube, life, work and whatever. Equally hilarious as captivating.
  • 13 minutes to the Moon: Short series telling the full story of the people who made Apollo 11 happen. Very high production quality and highly recommended.
  • This week in Tech: Latest tech news discussion. Been listening on and off for more than decade; recommended.


While I don’t watch traditional TV and a limited amount of streaming TV (i.e. Netflix/Prime/…), I do consume a large amount of short-form video online on a daily basis. Here are a few of my recommended YouTube Channels.

= top recommendation


  • Smarter Every Day: Science and Technology explanation videos by Destin Sandlin who really comes accross as a genuine and nice person.
  • Kurtzgezagt : Super high-quality animated videos about Science, Technology and Society.
  • Veritasium: Science and Technology videos. Similar to Smarter Every Day.
  • Two Minute Papers: Layman explanations of state-of-the-art AI and CGI papers.
  • 3Blue1Brown: High-quality math videos.


  • Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: The whole Tested channel is good, but the One Day Builds are particularly entertaining.
  • StuffMadeHere: Crazy (robot) inventions. This guy is next-level.
  • Simone Giertz: Self-proclaimed Queen of Shitty Robots. Funny.
  • PhysicsAnonymous: Workshop tool building. Look for their Lathe Rebuild videos in particular.
  • Colin Furze: From the channel description: “Crazy inventions, brilliant world records and constant disregard to health and safety”.
  • Jeremy Smidt: Small wood and metal working channel. High production quality.


  • Ben Eater: Building a computer from scratch. Impressive and educational.
  • ElectroBOOM: Funny as well as educational videos on electronics.
  • bigclivedotcom: Electronics tear-downs.


  • MKBHD: Largest (?) Tech YouTuber with high-production value videos and reviews on the latest tech and gadgets.
  • Linus Tech Tips: More in-depth and wide-ranged tech reviews and content.


  • BaumGartner Restoration: Painting restoration. Oddly satisfying to watch.
  • Bobb Ross (Twitch): Boss Ross’s painting and voice are the perfect background content for when I need some help falling a sleep.



  • Ave: Power tool breakdowns, CNC Milling, and a lot of swearing. This guy knows a lot about a lot of things.
  • Andrew Camarata: Long-length videos of a guy doing property maintenance.
  • J Mantzel: All-arounder building a new life and house off-grid in Panama.



  • Primitive Technology : Guy building stuff using prehistorical techniques only. Enable Closed Captioning for extra information in the videos.
  • LEMMINO : In-depth high-quality videos on intriguing mysteries.
  • Mark Rober: Tinkerer, Science Communicator. Some of his videos get quite popular.
  • CPG Grey: Animated videos on all sort of interesting topics.
  • Tom Scott: Short videos on all sort of interesting topics.
  • Dude Perfect: Bunch of dudes (a bit macho) doing insane sport trick-shots.
  • Binging with Babish: Cooking with a dash of comedy.


I tend to only play 2-3 video games a year, mostly on the PS4.

Some recommendations from the last few years:

  • The Last of Us: 10/10 - Must play. Best story telling in any game, ever.
  • Unchartered 4: A Thief’s End: Exceptional. Get ready for a rollercoaster with excellent world building, game mechanics and story-telling.
  • PSVR: Astro Bot: Rescue Mission: Outstanding VR game. Hours of pure joy - highly recommended.
  • PSVR: Beat Saber: I generally dislike rhythm games, so I was completely surprised when I came semi-addicted to Beat Saber for a few weeks. Recommended!
  • Assasin’s Creed: Black Flag A bit older, but arguably the best Assasin’s creed game ever made.


I didn’t know a better place for these items :-)

  • Morningbrew: Excellent newsletter on upcoming technology.