Hi! It's me, Joris.

It looks like I've linked you here myself. Linking people to a blogpost I wrote is often a bit akward, especially at work.

I likely shared this blog in an attempt to further a conversation. Usually the post does a better job at succinctly sharing information than I could by talking.

In any case, I hope me sharing this post doesn't come across as humblebragging, that's really the opposite of what I'm trying to achieve.

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Top Media Picks
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Recommended websites, podcast, video and more

People sometimes ask me about media I consume (and I often recommend without being asked 🙃). This page contains some of the things I recommend most (updated every few months or so). In all categories, I’ve really tried to hand-pick items and not make it just a dump of everything I consume.



I don’t read a whole lot of books (like most of us, I wish I’d read more), but here are some that I recommend.


I routinely listen to podcasts while commuting (car, train, walk, bike) or working around the house. Here’s a few of my top recommendations.

  • Hello Internet: CGP Grey & Brady Haran talking about YouTube, life, work and whatever. Equally hilarious as captivating.
  • 13 minutes to the Moon: Short series telling the full story of the people who made Apollo 11 happen. Very high production quality and highly recommended.
  • This week in Tech: Latest tech news discussion. Been listening on and off for more than decade; recommended.


While I don’t watch traditional TV and a limited amount of streaming TV (i.e. Netflix/Prime/…), I do consume a large amount of short-form video online on a daily basis. Here are a few of my recommended YouTube Channels.

= top recommendation


  • Smarter Every Day: Science and Technology explanation videos by Destin Sandlin who really comes accross as a genuine and nice person.
  • Kurtzgezagt : Super high-quality animated videos about Science, Technology and Society.
  • Veritasium: Science and Technology videos. Similar to Smarter Every Day.
  • Two Minute Papers: Layman explanations of state-of-the-art AI and CGI papers.
  • 3Blue1Brown: High-quality math videos.


  • Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: The whole Tested channel is good, but the One Day Builds are particularly entertaining.
  • StuffMadeHere: Crazy (robot) inventions. This guy is next-level.
  • Simone Giertz: Self-proclaimed Queen of Shitty Robots. Funny.
  • PhysicsAnonymous: Workshop tool building. Look for their Lathe Rebuild videos in particular.
  • Colin Furze: From the channel description: “Crazy inventions, brilliant world records and constant disregard to health and safety”.
  • Jeremy Smidt: Small wood and metal working channel. High production quality.


  • Ben Eater: Building a computer from scratch. Impressive and educational.
  • ElectroBOOM: Funny as well as educational videos on electronics.
  • bigclivedotcom: Electronics tear-downs.


  • MKBHD: Largest (?) Tech YouTuber with high-production value videos and reviews on the latest tech and gadgets.
  • Linus Tech Tips: More in-depth and wide-ranged tech reviews and content.




  • Ave: Power tool breakdowns, CNC Milling, and a lot of swearing. This guy knows a lot about a lot of things.
  • Andrew Camarata: Long-length videos of a guy doing property maintenance.
  • J Mantzel: All-arounder building a new life and house off-grid in Panama.



  • Primitive Technology : Guy building stuff using prehistorical techniques only. Enable Closed Captioning for extra information in the videos.
  • LEMMINO : In-depth high-quality videos on intriguing mysteries.
  • Mark Rober: Tinkerer, Science Communicator. Some of his videos get quite popular.
  • CPG Grey: Animated videos on all sort of interesting topics.
  • Tom Scott: Short videos on all sort of interesting topics.
  • Dude Perfect: Bunch of dudes (a bit macho) doing insane sport trick-shots.
  • Binging with Babish: Cooking with a dash of comedy.


I tend to only play 2-3 video games a year, mostly on the PS4.

Some recommendations from the last few years:

  • The Last of Us: 10/10 - Must play. Best story telling in any game, ever.
  • Unchartered 4: A Thief’s End: Exceptional. Get ready for a rollercoaster with excellent world building, game mechanics and story-telling.
  • PSVR: Astro Bot: Rescue Mission: Outstanding VR game. Hours of pure joy - highly recommended.
  • PSVR: Beat Saber: I generally dislike rhythm games, so I was completely surprised when I came semi-addicted to Beat Saber for a few weeks. Recommended!
  • Assasin’s Creed: Black Flag A bit older, but arguably the best Assasin’s creed game ever made.


I didn’t know a better place for these items :-)

  • Morningbrew: Excellent newsletter on upcoming technology.